Michael Carter, Director and CEO of Microclimate Ice & Snow Inc., is a Certified Engineering Technologist. He has more than 20 years of experience in the specialty industry of ice and snow assessment with focus on the investigation, evaluation and mitigation of falling, sliding and wind-released ice and snow from roofs, façades and structural elements for existing and proposed building and structures. His expertise is accumulated through years of microclimate analysis, wind tunnel testing, consultations, design-assist collaborative work, field research, incident investigations and performance mock-up testing. Mike has been working within the design and construction field since 1986 and has been actively consulting on large-scale projects since 1996. Since 2013, he has held the position of Task Group Co-chair of the ASTM International – Subcommittee E06.55 on Performance of Building Enclosures, for the Evaluation of Ice and Snow Accretion on Buildings and Structures working on standards and guides for the industry. Mike has also produced many articles, papers and presentations that have been published in industry journals, conference proceedings and magazines.
Sherry Carter, PHD

Sherry Carter holds the position of Head of Administration for Microclimate Ice & Snow Inc., and has a PhD from McMaster University in Medical Sciences. Sherry has more than 25 years of experience in the area of administration services and is responsible for all of the tasks that keep the MI&S company and projects running efficiently for our clients. Sherry has had work experience working within the building design and consulting industry since 1996 and has been with MI&S since its inception.


Michael Carter’s expertise was built extensively through years of microclimate analysis, wind tunnel testing, consultations, design-assist collaborative work, field research, incident investigations and performance mock-up testing, as well as the completion of numerous projects that involved close collaboration with designers, developers, owners and builders. Michael’s leadership and expertise in this industry also extends to the following roles and memberships:



Design assessment

Through an assessment of the building or structure’s design, in combination with a microclimate assessment based on local historical meteorological conditions and site surroundings, we identify current or potential issues, then offer a wide range of mitigation options for consideration.



We work with the client to communicate our findings, the mitigation options available and the associated design risk, determining the most effective and practical mitigation and operational strategies that align with the project requirements and intent.



Once the overall mitigation plan has been decided through the consultation process, detailed and dimensioned recommendations focused on minimal design modification and/or integration of customized strategies will be developed and finalized for the project.



Understanding the sensitive nature of design or project-related risk, our reporting process is structured to maintain client confidentiality. All procedures, results and recommendations are provided in the format of the client’s choosing which can be through oral presentations, marked draft or confidential documentation.


Winter operational guidelines

Preventing falling, sliding or wind released ice and snow from buildings and structures requires mitigation through both design and operational means. To address this requirement, we develop project specific winter operational guidelines which inform, educate and guide owners and operators on the best practice procedures that anticipate, prepare for and manage ice and snow related risk potential for people and property.


We maintain a confidential approach throughout the entire consultation and reporting process.
We ensure that our expert recommendations are tailored to be effective, practical, implementable and integrated within the design aesthetic of the building or structure.


We provide a design-assist approach, where we support the design team through all construction phases.
Leading Industry
Microclimate Ice & Snow Inc. founder Michael Carter, C.E.T., is the leading expert in this industry with more than 20 years of experience in the field.
    Why us?   
Microclimate Ice & Snow Inc. (MI&S) is a specialty consulting firm that works with building developers, owners and architects to first identify ice and snow collection on buildings and structures and understand it’s behaviour, and then provide tailored recommendations to reduce falling, sliding or wind-released ice and snow from roofs, façades, and structural elements. The first step the MI&S team takes is to conduct a general design evaluation in order to determine which services our clients require. The MI&S team works closely with the client to ensure that the service recommendations that are made are economical, practical and aesthetically acceptable, and are based on a balanced approach between design mitigation and operational procedures.

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